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Check This Out... 20 years ...Then & Now

i was going through some older images the other day and two images brought back lots of memories. It's amazing how much things change over time, but still seem to remain the same. i just had to share these pictures with everyone.
Yup, both pictures are of me, and i'm wearing almost exactly the same items in each picture. The only differences are my helmet and gloves... of course my bike changed a few times from '85 to '05 too.

i bought these leathers back in 1985, a year after i first started riding motorcycles, and ever since then they've been my favourites. No matter how many sets of racing leathers, jackets, or pants i buy, none can compare to the smooth, supple, comfort of these leathers. Wonderfully broken in after years of riding in all kinds of weather conditions, the heavy full-grain motorcycle-grade cowhide leathers fit like a glove; i don't even need to wear any underwear in these leather pants, which is something i can't do in any other set of leathers i own. ;)

After just one treatment of the leather conditioner that came with each item when new, and regular application of sweat, body oils, and cleaning, they still look and feel like they did when i bought them more than 20 years ago. i recall one year riding from Montreal to Toronto for a visit (i'm originally from Laval, Québec) and getting caught in a heavy rain storm to the point i was drenched right through my leathers to the skin. It took 2 full days for my leathers to dry out and i was worried that they would never be the same, but they bounced back and proved that quality leathers can survive almost anything. That experience helped my appreciate quality and not to settle for second-best or cheap imitations; one of my first leather jackets was a cheap knock-off of the jacket i'm wearing in the pictures above, and it didn't quite last 2 years before requiring repairs and extensive re-conditioning.

The question i seem to be asked the most is whether the pants are leather or rubber. Granted they do look like rubber, and in a way they feel like rubber around my butt from the constant vibration of my butt on my motorcycle seat, but i assure you you're looking at a pair of 100% leather pants. The shiny look is what seems to cause so much confusion. During the tanning process, the final stage was the addition of a glossy finish to the surface. It's unusual to find this kind of finished today, especially since most leathers have a matte look now, but a couple of decades ago matte-black wasn't the only look for leather.

Unfortunately, the company who made these leathers, a family run enterprise in the east end of Montréal, has been long out of business.


Happy Rubber Pup & Owner

me and my BF... Don't i look like a happy puppy...   ;)

snoopy~shawn_0437 snoopy~shawn_0453_crop

Here's a shot of me and my BF ...i really like this shot... before one of our pup play sessions. He was trying to assert his dominance over me and get me to behave, while i was doing my best to fool him into believing i was going to be a good pup... *evil grin!*